Loretta Chen is a Singaporean theatre director, television presenter, radio personality, author and creative executive. Dragon Cement invited her to give workshop on Leadership and inspire the employees of Dragon Cement.She was here for two days giving workshop at different lave

On February 4th His Holiness Gangtey Trulku Rinpoche visited DCCL. Hundred of devotee were gathered to receive blessing from Trulku Rinpoche. On the same day different scared relics were displayed for the public.

April 28 is observed as world day on safety and health at work. DCCl also celebrate world safety day to create an awareness among the employees. By celebrating World day on safety and health at work place helps to raise awareness of workplace safety and health issues. Work related stress can not only harm the workers health but the well being of their families too. Safety is not for management, not for anyone but for ourself